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7 reasons to get a degree on Mother Divine program

1.Expansion of Consciosuness is the basis of our curriculum

- Extended practice of Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program

- All subjects are studied in the light of your inner self


2. Develop your full potential

- Total Brain Functioning

- Increase creativity and intelligence


3. Stress free education

- Culture a happy, cooperative classroom atmosphere

- One course per month


4. A unique learning environment

- A relaxed daily routine

- In the company of ladies


5. An unmatched international experience

- Our community consists of ladies from different cultures and countries

- Share and celebrate multi-cultural events together


6. Lively community

- Our student ages range from 18 to 65

- Students come from different backgrounds and professions, including: doctors, artists, teachers, students, businesswomen, and backpackers.

- Although small, our classroom is rich in experience


7. Heavenly Campus

- Buildings are according to ancient Vedic Architecture

- Campus is a tropical paradise

- Drug and alchohol free

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