An Extraordinary Education for Extraordinary You

 International Program
Bachelor of Arts
Science of Creative Intelligence for Management

Rajapark Institute, Thailand

Starting August, 2020 

  • Develop your heart while you develop your mind.

  • Shine inside from the deepest level.

  • Become a true leader, based in the infinite organizing power you have deep inside.

  • Turn loose your creativity as never before. 

  • Become your dream—fulfilled, awake, energetic, wise, skilled, confident, with support of Nature and leadership to fulfil your goal.

  • Blossom in happiness, fulfillment, creativity, confidence, and performance.


  • Single lady Sidha or Governor

  • Graduation from high school or higher education(Note: Many who have attended this special BA program already had a BA degree)

  • Attended a 6-months New Mother Divine course. Available in August 2020 in Chanthaburi, Thailand.

  • Able to listen, read, and speak English well. Score minimum 500 on TOEFL test or 575 on TOEIC test. 

Course fee

  • US$3,000 per semester

  • US$800 per month for room and board 

Comments from graduates of the BA and MA programs in the Science of Creative Intelligence for Management

“I really appreciate my study during the Rajapark BA program. What I learnt was not only facts and pieces of knowledge, but important concepts and the laws of nature—organizing principles underlying everything. With these organizing principles, I can bridge different disciplines together. I also felt the long, special program structured a special brain functioning in me that is very useful in meeting different challenges.” ST

   “I'm one of top seller in my company. And in my second job I taught 30 people Transcendental Mediation during the last 4 months. All of the fulfillment I get from this I credit to all my great teachers during my BA program.  My study in the Science of Creative Intelligence in Management didn't give me knowledge I could directly apply in my job. But my education at Rajapark gave me the most important knowledge in my life. I gained so much in communications skill, in confidence, in working with other people, in listening deeply and understanding others better. The depth of knowledge is what I can apply on all levels of life and it has brought my success.” LT

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