Bachelor's Degree Program

In Science of Creative Intelligence for Management

Offered through Rajapark Institute, and along with the Mother Divine program!




Happiness   •   Fulfillment   •   Creativity   •   Confidence   •   Performance


You love knowledge.


What if the foundational knowledge you gain could be about you –what makes you strong, what makes you successful, what makes you happy, what makes you healthy.


  • Develop your heart while you develop your mind.

  • Become deeply confident, unshakable.

  • Shine from the deepest level of your consciousness.

  • Become a true leader. Develop leadership skills based in the infinite organizing power you have deep inside.

  • Let loose your creativity as never before.

  • Become your dream—fulfilled, awake, energetic, wise, and skilled, with support of Nature to fulfill your goals.

  • Break all your boundaries and live your highest dreams. Now!

What if you could engage in an intriguing, holistic study of the disciplines?


  • Explore underlying principles of each discipline and how to apply them effectively, including Education, Economy, Agriculture, Health, Defense, Art, Physics, and more!

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You are eligible to apply if you:

  • Are a single-lady Sidha or Governor. Meditators who wish to become Sidhas can also be considered.

  • Graduated from high school or hold a higher degree. (Note: Many who chose to attend this special BA program already hold a BA degree or higher.)

  • Are able to adequately understand, read, and speak English. A minimum score of 500 on TOEFL test or 575 on TOEIC test is required. If there is sufficient demand, an English for Adults course may be offered before the BA program begins.

Invitation to TM Movement Leaders:

Now is the perfect time to encourage your Meditator and Sidha students of all ages to apply for this unique program. Here is an opportunity for them to further cultivate their experience and understanding of the development of consciousness along with other students and guided by experienced faculty.

The admission date for our next entry is June 2022.


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