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Manage your life with your full potential and creativity

Science of Creative Intelligence for Management

We apply Consciousness-Based Education

Consciousness-Based Education (CBE) enables students to discover the field of pure creative intelligence within themselves


Our Consciousness-Based Education is enhanced by the Mother Divine Program

a seed becomes a tree
What is Creative Intelligence?


Creative Intelligence is the unmanifest, all-prevading order and creativity in nature. It is the basis of all growth and progress in the universe.


this is the display of creative intelligence
SCI is the knowledge of your consciousness

Science of Creative intelligence locates creative intelligence at the most settled level of your own consciousness.


The Science of Creative Intelligence has two aspects: theorectical, to give understanding, and practical, the Transcendental Meditation technique, to give experience.


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Connects everything you learn to your consciousness
Science of  Creative Intelligence connects each subject to the basis of all knowledge, creative intelligence, within your own consciousness


Creative Intelligence
is the source of knowledge
Highlights of CBE


• Cooperative rather than competitive


• Learn more with less stress


• Classwork and no homework


• Interactive, encouraging self-expression



• Learn to see everything in terms of consciousness


• Appreciate how the parts of knowledge relate to the wholeness of knowledge

About Degree Program

A four year degree program for the Science of Creative Intelligence for Management




12 Areas of Life


The curriculum covers all 12 areas of life:


1. Law

2. Education

3. Health

4. Agriculture

5. Economy

6. Administration

7. Architecture

8. Defense

9. Communication

10. Music and art

11. Religion and culture

12. Political science


Each area is studied in the light of Science of Creative Intelligence 



Special Courses


Health courses:

1. Self-pulse reading course

2. Yoga asana

3. Prevention

SCI courses:

1. Total Knowledge

2. Human physiology and the 40 aspects of Veda and Vedic literature

3. Ramayan in human physiology


Science courses:

1. The unified field and               consciousness

Students Activities

Rajapark Institute

The degree is offered by Rajapark Institute, Thailand. The Science of Creative Intelligence for Management is under the Liberal Arts department of Rajapark. Currently, this degree is only available for ladies who join the Mother Divine Program in Chanthaburi, Thailand. 


*We are currently updating our curriculum.

The complete curriculum and calender will be posted soon



Full and partial scholarships are available, please enquire at:


Total Brain Functioning
Develop Your Inner Genius


• Decades of reserach have shown that Consciousness-Based education promotes holistic brain functioning.


• Consciousness-Based education adds the twice-daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs, including Yogic Flying, to directly develop full use of the brain’s potential in higher states of consciousness.


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