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While I was attending the Taste of Blissful Life course, I found that I have been growing and the direction that my life has been taking is right. That experience was very significant to me because that  feeling of fulfillment was very different from what I had from my job and daily life before the course. Now I am in MD program and I continue enjoy and share growth of my life with my fellow mates



I feel deeply honored to be part of the Mother Divine program and thank God every 

day for this blessed life. There is no greater fulfillment for me than knowing that by 

becoming the best I can be as an individual, I am contributing maximum to making 

the world a better place.

Mother Divine is a group of like-minded single women representing various 

cultures, languages, religions, and social backgrounds. Our common goal to gain 

enlightenemnt unites us on a most profound level, creating a wholeness far greater 

than the sum of the parts. I can think of no place I’d rather be, no profession I’d 

rather do than to be part of this program. I feel eternally grateful to have found a life 

that has value and purpose, and I thank God every day that I am able to continue 

year after year.



New Mother Divine/Taste of Blissful life

I attended the Mother Divine Program in 2005 for about five months in Chantaburi, Thailand. I feel this experience has made me more stable inside giving me a clearer direction for my future. In the field of activity I noticed that I have more energy, refined perception and greater organizing power to accomplish all undertakings.

I feel blissful even when I am very busy.

Jai Guru Dev


Noel from Malaysia

Mother Divine students

I have experienced and witnessed how myself and my classmates being transformed. We become more capable, loving, mature and successful. The professors are understanding, caring and rich in knowledge and the whole learning process is easy and blissful!.


BA and MA student in Science of Creative Intelligence for Management


I not only study the theory of Maharishi Vedic Science (MVS), but I have opportunity to experience theory of MVS through Mother Divine Program to enhance my life as a student life. 


BA and MA student in Science of Creative Intelligence for Management


Studying on the Mother Divine Program brings my understanding of the subject I am learning to a much deeper level. In the past I didn't feel a connection with the subject I was learning, but with Consciousness-Based Education on the Mother Divine Program I feel at home and connected with what I'm learning, That makes studying much more fun and meaningful."


BA and MA programs in the Science of Creative Intelligence for Management



The students of Rajapark College are intelligent, motivated,  and creative. They are a joy to teach because they absorb knowledge so quickly and have such deep insights. 


Catherine A. Gorini, PhD

Professor of Mathematics

Dean of Faculty

Maharishi University of Management

Fairfield, IA  USA

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