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Mother Divine Program

The Mother Divine Program was established in 1981 to offer single ladies the opportunity to focus on their own spiritual development—to deepen their experiences of the Transcendental Meditation Technique and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program—and to simultaneously radiate a powerful influence of harmony and bliss throughout the world.

In the Vedic tradition of India, the expression “Mother Divine” refers to the universal, all-nourishing qualities of nature—bliss, intelligence, creativity, harmony—that exist within everyone and always promote life in the direction of peace and progress. Every aspect of the Mother Divine Programme is specially designed to unfold these qualities of the inner fullness of life.

Currently, there are Mother Divine groups on four continents, including in North America, South America, two groups in Europe, and one in Thailand.  The group of Mother Divine and the facility in Thailand are primarily funded by donations from generous supporters who recognize the far-reaching value of this professional coherence-creating group for the nation and the world.

We warmly invite you to support the Mother Divine Program and the facility in Thailand.

Rajapark Institute’s Department of the Science of Creative Intelligence for Management consists of faculty and students of the  Mother Divine Program. 

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