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Surrounded by nature


Our home is situated in Chanthaburi, Thailand, which Maharishi called the country of enlightenment. The sacred mountain Khao Kitchakut overlooks us from the east. 

Organic Orchards



Our Maharishi Maha Vastu

Our Maharishi Maha Vastu has over 100 acres of land with tropical flower gardens and organic fruit orchards where we grow bananas, rambutans, mangos, papayas, durians, avocados, and many other tropical fruit trees.

All of our buildings are built according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture.

Vastu Housing


Peaceful Residence



We provide comfortable, very spacious, fully furnished private rooms.

Includes quiet, efficient air conditioning, a private full bathroom, a beautiful view of the nearby mountains, and more.

Peaceful Residence


Delicious Dining 


All vegetarian cuisine. Seasonal local fruits.

Delicious Dining