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The Rajapark Institute's department of Liberal Arts offers a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence for Management. This program has been accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education for over 10 years.

Students enrolled in this BA program simultaneously enjoy luxurious facilities and lifestyle offered through the Mother Divine Program. The Consciousness-Based curriculum, settled environment, and ideal routine of the Mother Divine Program are designed to maximize students’ growth towards enlightenment and higher states of consciousness.


Attend a 45-minute introduction to the bachelor's degree program via Zoom. Inquire here about our schedule.

Science of Creative Intelligence for Management
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In this program, you will get the advantage


  • Earn your degree in a progressive environment with other like-minded students, without the distractions and stress of a typical university program and atmosphere.​

  • Become immersed in your academic study through knowledge and personal experience that is never boring or unrelatable, only value-adding, engaging, and comprehensive.

  • Get the chance to take quality time for personal development and growth.​

  • Experience the highest level of consciousness-based education, relating each discipline to the SELF.


Block System

At Rajapark Institute we use the block system so that students can focus on one subject at a time. This makes the assimilation of knowledge easier, more enjoyable, and allows students to fully immerse themselves into the subject material, eliminating the stress of trying to handle 5-6 classes at once.


Admissions Policies


To enroll in the bachelor of arts program students must meet all the requirements. This program is a four-year track, requiring students to stay on campus for the duration of their academic studies. We seek students with the ability and desire to be on the Mother Divine Program while earning their degree. As an international program, students are required to speak fluent English or score a minimum of 500 on the TOEFL test or 575 on the TOEIC test.

We offer English as Second Language classes to students who need them. 

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