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Support the Students

We are seeking visionary sponsors for these bright, aspiring students who are in need of financial support to attend university. Click on an essay below to read more about these students and why they deserve to receive your amazing and generous support! Donations can be made through Golden Thread Initiative.


  1. Click the button above and choose your payment method.

  2. Donation for - please select Academic Scholarships for Consciousness-Based Education Programs.

  3. In the Any Other Comments box please write Rajapark Institute.

For sending checks or large donations go here.

Thank you for your enlightened generosity! Your donation will go towards scholarships for our students. 
Your contribution may be eligible for a tax deduction. Please consult your tax advisor.

Click to read student testimonials

Why Support?

Full Scholarship

Tuition fee: 6,000 USD/year (3,000 USD per semester x 2 semesters)

Room and board: 9,600 USD/year (800 USD per month x 12 months)

International and domestic traveling expenses: 800 USD/year (includes round trip air tickets within Asia, visa and local transportation)

Required health insurance: 1,000 USD/year  

Total for 1 student at 17,400 USD per year x 4 years: 17,400 USD x 4 = 69,600 USD

Our bachelor's degree program is designed to train enlightened future leaders of the world. We have students from six countries. We appreciate all of your support to these deserving students. 

Watch this video to hear the sincere, and inspiring words of some of our graduates from the 2020 Commencement Ceremonies.

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