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Introduction to the

BA in Science of Creative Intelligence for Management

The Asian Mother Divine Program in Thailand is providing a four-year bachelors degree program in the Science of Creative Intelligence for Management. This bachelors degree program is offered by Rajapark Institute and is fully accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education.


Earning this degree while participating in the Mother Divine Program is a great investment for women of any age who want to immerse themselves in knowledge and create a better life for both themselves and the world.


This degree program offers a unique integration of knowledge and experience, with the focus on knowledge during the day and the extended practice of Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness—Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programs—in a group every morning and evening. This program makes the full value of knowledge become a living experience.


The BA in Science of Creative Intelligence for Management is not a degree in business management, but rather a program that teaches you how to manage every aspect of life successfully. Our students enjoy gaining understanding and deeper experience of the field of pure consciousness and its infinite organizing power and apply this knowledge to twelve fundamental areas of life: law, education, health, agriculture, economics, administration, architecture, defense, communication, art and music, religion and culture, and supreme political science. 


You will learn how each of these areas of knowledge emerges from the Self—pure consciousness, the unified field of all the laws of nature—and how by utilizing Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness, the highest goals of all fields of life can be fulfilled. In this way, students keep synthesizing and analyzing the full range of knowledge throughout the whole curriculum. 


Every graduate will be able to take very good care of herself, her family, and her society, using her access to the unlimited field of pure creative intelligence to adapt herself successfully to a rapidly evolving world. She will graduate with the fundamental solution to every kind of problem and furthermore will be able to prevent problems before they arise. She will gain an expansive and holistic vision of herself, her society, and the universe.

For more information about the BA program, including the admissions requirements, see the Announcement or watch the video below.

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