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Expand your inner bliss and knowledge in the protected environment of Mother Divine

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Bachelor of Arts in the

Science of Creative Intelligence

for Management 

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Teach English as a 
Second Language

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Heaven on Earth Assembly 

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"The real, real nature of life is indestructible.
Surface values of life change, but the inner value of life is invincible in its own right."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Be on an ideal daily routine of rest and rejuvenation.

Have an extended meditation and knowledge program for a deeper experience.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle, including delicious vegetarian cuisine.

Relax in a safe environment with fresh air, tropical vegetation, and organic orchards.

Enjoy a nourishing and loving atmosphere.

Live in fortune-creating housing—spacious single room with private bathrooms.

Grow towards enlightenment while creating coherence and world peace.​

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