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Early Morning Dew

by F. A.

I walk by early mornings in a daze wishing for the warmth of my bed every now and then. One day I stumbled upon a normal phenomenon. A phenomenon I wished I had stumbled upon earlier.


On the entrance to a highly comforting and celestial home of dew, the gate of a light fog opened and beautiful fairies of dew welcomed my heart and sight to a dazzling dew exhibition. What did I see?


Dew on large surfaces of banana leaves. The grasses were full of dew. The dew made the background of the farm very colorful. The dew drops had a crystal clear color that outshines rain drops on leaves. Their warmth outshines the drop of tears. In short, they stand aloof anything that looks like them. 


With their crystal enchantment, they reflect anything that they have landed on, the green leaves reflected in the dew bubble; the pink or yellow flower reflected in the bubble. They decorated the dry bark of the stems and formed beautifully multiple eyes on the stalk of the leaves.

The morning was cold but there was warmth in the coldness. The warmth and beauty of early morning dew. The dew drops were the type that have perfectly laid out their work in such a way that there is a feeling to ask for permission before walking on their beautifully adorned garden.


With regards to the art work, I take off my scandals and carefully walk on the grass. I need to do this to avoid a pierce in my heart for crushing the beauty of the dew. Although crushing them, they still leave a cold warmth of their fresh crystal water on heels and toes whispering how welcomed I am to walk on the dew carpet.


Their presence is a motivation to the heart, enough to forget the warmth of my bed and keep wanting to go back to them over and over again every morning.


With a new motivation, I slept in hope of waking up early enough to be the selfishly, first person to see, touch and feel the warmth of the cold dew on my heels, absorb the refreshment and calmness on my mind and immerse my eyes in the lovely sight created by the early morning dew.


But, they are new to every new person who sees them. Nobody ever takes away all the charm of dew even by crushing it.


With the sight deeply inscribed in my consciousness, I repeatedly ask myself, how exactly did they come about? Did they fall like raindrops or spring up from the ground? Do they drop like tears out of nowhere or are they sprinkled like water by the heavens?


I resist the temptation to ask google because those were all views of a third person’s eyes. I will personally go to them and sink myself in their beauty while having a dew bath till we are bosom buddies. Inseparable buddies that met out of chance and I, imitating my buddy wish to spread the warmth a dew drop provides in a dew style.

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