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Dear friends of Golden Thread Initiative,
We are excited to share our 2022 year-end progress report with you.  
In its first three years as a nonprofit organization, GTI has raised over $100,000. We are looking forward to reporting when we have received the first million dollars in donations! 
To date, Golden Thread Initiative has sent grants totaling $43,021.46, benefitting over 250 women on 6 continents. We have another $23,900 of approved grants currently in process.
GTI has made relationships with and done due diligence on 12 grantee organizations in 8 countries. This is the backend setup that will allow GTI to easily send more funds to these organizations in the future. GTI has also received approval from the US Patent and Trademark Office for registration of the "Golden Thread Initiative" trademark
Some of the other funds raised have been used for startup costs, creating a new website, administrative and bank fees, and hiring a grant researcher to identify foundations that GTI can approach for funding.
After receiving many requests for grants for a variety of needs, we have consolidated our donation categories into two baskets:
Unrestricted (to fund GTI’s mission of increasing access to women’s and girls’ education and self-development programs, including the Mother Divine Program)
Academic Scholarships for women in Consciousness-Based Education environments, including the Rajapark Bachelors degree program offered through the Mother Divine Program in Thailand.

Our campaign to raise money for young women from Thailand, Nepal, and other countries to attend the BA program at Rajapark Institute in Thailand while they live with the Asian Mother Divine group is continuing. We’ve approved a grant of $21,000 for this project so far, and 10 young women have already begun the program in 2022. More funds are still needed to ensure that they are able to complete the full four-year program.
You can help by donating here:

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Again, thank you for your continuing support. We invite you to join us in creating world peace in whatever way you would enjoy. Please contact us at
Judy, Nicole, Ondine and Starr
Golden Thread Initiative 
Board of Directors 

PS: Questions about how to donate, including through your Donor Advised Fund or foundation? Please email:

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