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Homeland Mountain

by E.S.

Looking through the car window, I was expecting the sight of her at any moment. After many years of silent reminiscence, finally, I was going to see her today – my truthful friend, the most trusted confidant and never tiring listener. Just after one turn of the small hill, she came, her warm, welcoming look.


Her majestic head, covered with rocky cliffs was staring to the river; her highest peaks were racing to the blue sky; her body was curving and stretching along the way, hiding its tails somewhere far away, where my eye could not reach. How much I missed her calming presence. How much I longed for her silent comfort.

Breathlessly, I started climbing to one of the peaks looking at my favorite cliff in between my steps and glimpsing back to the village where I grew up. A few small bushes along the side were blowing gently in the wind. Small rocks, rolling down at my feet, were revealing dry sandy soil. Here and there, sparse green grasses, peaked through small stones, swaying lightly, but silently declaring their strength.

Filled with tenderness, I looked around. File of rocks, my mother’s favorite sitting place, was standing as usual and inviting me to rest in its comfortably arranged flat center. Floating with memory, I climbed further.

Quietly, a beautiful open view welcomed me – majestic as before, ever the same. I stretched my eyes to see mountain after mountain, her faithful companions, lined until sky’s horizon. Shadowy slopes started hiding summer’s setting sun; a chill wind started to blow. Mixtures of colors were composed in the horizon. I turned my head slightly to stare at the flowing river twisted like a giant snake.

Delightfully, I spread my arms full length. I closed my eyes, letting myself be embraced by her. Chirping birds were singing in my ears as if saying you are back. I took a deep breath and turned around to greet my rock – my very own rock. My favorite playground, basis of my many joyful childhood days. As always, I sat down in between a double bed-like shaped cover facing to the village.

Peacefully, village life was ongoing, satisfied with her never failing shelter. Here, I was. How much I missed my silent companion. There was so much, I wanted to share. Thoughts started to flow………

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