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1. Choose a topic that means a lot to you. You can choose from one of these topics if you like:

  • Accomplishment, Event or Realization

  • Lessons from Obstacles

  • Questioned or Challenged a System

  • Engaging Topic, Idea, or Concept

  • Background, Identity or Interest

2. Write about your topic and why it means so much to you. Tell an experience from personal life that lead to to feel that way about the topic. You don't have to get too personal.

3. Have a conclusion. What is the moral of the story, the main take-away.


Helpful Resources:
What is a Personal Statement Essay? (This is the link we reviewed during our zoom meeting)
How to Write your Undergraduate Personal Statement
Writing the Personal Statement
Hundreds of Personal Statement Examples to help your application

Due next Wednesday, February 8:

2nd draft of Essay 

1st Draft of Personal Statement

Have two people who have agreed to give you Recommendation Letters for your scholarship

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