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Children Story

Lonely Mountain and the Little Seed
 by A.P.






















A long time ago, there was a big mountain called Rohrak Mountain. Rohrak Mountain was a mountain without any trees only small shrubs and grass until one day…



















While Rohrak Mountain was waiting to have a tree on top of her, two birds carrying seeds in their mouths flew past. As the birds flew in the midst of the mountain, the mountain saw the seeds in the mouths of the birds. The mountain wanted to have some trees on her top, so she called to the two birds, “Hello! Pretty little birds.”  When the birds heard a greeting from the mountain, they both replied “Hello! Pretty mountain.” When the two birds opened their mouths to greet the mountain, the seeds in their mouths immediately fell onto the ground.


When the birds realized they had lost their seeds they were very angry with the mountain, but the mountain only said, “I'm sorry for that, but don’t worry about it, I know you both are very good at finding seeds. You will get better ones. Please believe me.”

When both birds heard that, they went off to find new seeds and said thanks to the mountain. When the mountain heard the thanks of the birds, she felt very sorry. However, on the other hand she really wanted to have some trees on her top and she said to herself “Thank you very much. I hope the two seeds that have fallen down will become many seeds for you to eat in the future.”




























The two little seeds started to communicate with each other.  

“Hello! How are you doing?” asked the first seed.

“I am fine and sooo much better and much more comfortable than when I was in the mouth of a big bird.  Thank you and how are you?” replied the second seed.

“I am feeling very goodddd today,” said the first seed.

The next day, the first seed wanted to grow up and to expand herself throughout the entire mountain but the second did not want to grow. She only wanted to remain herself as the seed on top of the mountain.

“Hey! Look at that, it is very good soil over there!” called the first seed.

“Yesss, it is very good soil, do you want to grow-up?” said the second seed.

“Of course! I want to grow-up from seed to tree and have many fruits for the animals around us. Also, I want to reproduce my seed into trees for the whole mountain,” said the first seed.

“Oh! That would be great, but I do not want to grow, I only want to remain myself as the seed, like right now,” said the second seed.









Therefore, the first seed decided to grow. It grew from a little seed into a little tree and from a little tree into a big tree. She sprouted her branches to shade those who passed by and had a lot of fruits and many birds and squirrels came along to her tree and were eating her fruits.


























One day, in the early morning, a squirrel came along to Rohrak Mountain. She saw the second seed sleeping, so she took the little seed into her mouth and ate it – delicious!



























The first seed had expanded herself throughout the entire field of Rohrak Mountain. There were many trees, and many kinds of animals, such as birds, squirrels, butterflies etc. who were friends with Rohrak Mountain and they all lived happily together on the top of Rohrak Mountain.   

The End.
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